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If you're in a hurry, or a bottom line kind of person, get on the fast track with our quick facts pop up.   

Otherwise, read on, enjoy and explore the possibilities of being a ListChannel Affiliate.

When you're looking for keys to success on the internet today, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with any better than these top three:

  1. Quality Product

  2. Excellent Service.

  3. Targeted Niche Audience.

As a affiliate, you are a profit partner in providing a quality product - with excellent service - to your targeted niche audience.

The two primary services you can earn revenue with happen to be two of the biggest booming areas: ezine/email list delivery and follow-up autoresponders. 

While banner advertising continues to struggle with lackluster results, opt-in email advertising through newsletters and discussion lists continues to grow in popularity and success. 

This is a fast-growing, expanding market. The race is on to build high-quality, permission-based, opt-in email lists. 

This is your opportunity... not just knocking... but pounding on your door.

You've probably started your own list, and know many others who send you e-mail with permission: product announcements, newsletters, discussion lists, etc. 

Perhaps you're already involved with several niche groups in categories from business and finance to health and nonprofits.

Could you (and those people you already know) use some help in building, maintaining and delivering quality information to that opt-in list? 

We have the tools, resources and experience to do just that. From start-up to market dominance we have the solution you and others like you need. Today. Tomorrow. In the future.

You'll be compensated well for the lifetime of your referrals. We provide you with free tools and resources - like our email publication directory, sequential autoresponders, and interactive community - to help you introduce and convert more of your prospects to customers.

Are you ready to open the door yet? Or do you need more information?

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